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Federal law requires drivers of commercial motor vehicles (DMVs) to receive regular physical examinations by qualified medical examiners. These exams are defined as the “Department of Transportation Medical Examinations.” These DOT physicals are Federally controlled and highly regulated for the drivers’ safety. They are designed detect physical, mental, and emotional issues that can affect a driver’s ability to safely drive. DOT medical examiners are specially trained and qualified to understand the regulations and prevent drivers from being inappropriately disqualified.

Are there special forms?

The FMCSA requires that drivers and medical examiners use only the new forms effective April 2016. All prior versions are not permitted.

These forms include:

Revised Medical Examination Report (MER) form MCSA-5875
Revised Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC) form MCSA-5876

Is Doctors Urgent Care using the new forms?
Yes. As of April 20, 2016, Doctors Urgent Care medical examiners will only use the new forms. Doing this keeps us in compliance with the FMCSA. Using the new forms is required of all medical examiners in the United States. No other forms are permitted.

Can I use an old version of the forms?

No. Only the new forms are accepted by the FMCSA and state license agencies. Doctors Urgent Care will have the new forms available for you at the time of your visit. They are also available here (insert link to our forms tab/page)

What’s changed about the forms?

There are a few changes on the revised forms. If you’re a driver, you’ll need to:

Sign the new privacy statement
Specify if you’re a Commercial Driver License (CDL) applicant, CDL holder, Commercial Learns Permit (CLP) applicant, or CLP holder
Complete additional health history questions
Specify your driving territory (national or state), new rules do apply for intrastate verses interstate.
Provide government-issued photo ID that verifies your identity, such as your commercial driver’s license
Your medical examiner must note if you were referred by or if they received documentation from an ophthalmologist or optometrist for vision. They’ll also have to document the type of photo ID you used to verify your identity.

Am I still able to get certification extensions?

No. The new regulations do not allow certification extensions. Because this is an FMCSA regulation, no exceptions can be made. The driver will require an entirely new exam in order to be medically certified.

We highly recommend that drivers come to their exam completely prepared. This means at minimum a list of ALL medications, any glasses or hearing aids, photo ID, and any other documentation routinely required by the examiner, such as a stress test or CPAP download, or sleep study reports(s). This is one area where too much information is better than not enough.

What if I don’t pass part of the exam, like the vision or hearing tests?

If you don’t pass the vision or hearing tests, you may be disqualified or placed in the “Determination Pending” status. According to the new FMCSA regulations, a driver who doesn’t pass part of the exam may require an entirely new exam in order to be medically certified. Medical examiners are able to give the driver the “Determination Pending” or “Incomplete” status.

One common example: if a driver doesn’t pass the vision or hearing tests, they will be placed in a “Determination Pending” status. This option allows the driver to return to the medical exam office for follow up. An example may be that a driver is does not pass the vision requirements, and returns after obtaining glasses. Rather than requiring a complete re-examination, the medical examiner may amend the Medical Examination Report. It is important to note that the Medical Examination Report Form, MCSA-5875 cannot be amended after 45 days, or after a final qualification has been made. In this case a new physical examination and a new Medical Examination Report Form MCSA-5875 is required.

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