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Workman Comp Compensation Physical

Doctor’s Urgent Care will treat and document important paperwork for your Workman’s Compensation Claims for you and your business. We can also provide post-accident drug and alcohol testing for employers. We specialize in understanding your businesses needs and work with you to return your employees back to their job within the limitation the employer has established.  We don’t just treat the problem and give the employee time off of work. The national average of return-to-work after an accident is 75%, Doctors Urgent Care is proud to say that our current rate is 95%  of employees are able to return to work.

For minor motor vehicle accidents or MVA, you may want to walk-in and be checked by our Medical Team and have X-rays done as a precaution. In many cases, if legal action is pursued by your insurance company, a baseline of standard tests after a traumatic impact, like a car accident, may help your case. Please call 985-690-8300 to make sure your insurance will approve these screenings for preventative complications in the future.

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