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Click here to watch the video on abscesses by Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Aimee Coulon.

An abscess of the skin is a tender area that may be surrounded with pink or red coloring. Most are caused by infections around a hair follicle and contain pus, bacteria or debris. Abscesses are usually painful and can be warm to the touch. The issue can occur anywhere on your body. The most common is on the skin of your armpits, back of neck or areas where sweat may collect, such as in the crease of your thighs, groin or buttocks area. 

The clinic can offer antibiotics and advise warm compresses for many beginning abscesses, but at times a small surgical procedure can be performed in-office to open and drain the infection, in order for it to improve. Patients with weakened immune systems due to Diabetes, Crohn's Disease or other conditions may be more prone to getting abscesses. 

Seek Medical Attention

  • If you have a sore larger than a half-inch (1cm)
  • The sore enlarges/becomes more painful
  • The sore is on or near your buttocks or groin area
  • You develop a fever
  • You notice red streaks leading away from the sore

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