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Meningitis Brain Spinal Cord DeadlyMeningitis is an swelling of the membranes (meninges) around the brain and spinal cord. A quick test to see if your rash may be meningitis is the water glass test. If you can see the faint skin rash that looks like tiny pinpricks through a clear water glass, please see medical attention immediately. If the rash looks like it fades, check regularly for any changes that may occur. Two of the tell-tale symptoms is the "worst headache of a patient's life" and a stiff neck. 

Meningitis can affect anyone, but babies and younger children seem to be the most vulnerable. On infants, the skin sometimes looks yellow, blue or has a pale skin tone and the fontanel (soft spot on top of baby's head), may feel tight or forms a bulge. Similar to adults, they may develop blotchy skin or the rash described above. Seek medical attention immediately if your child has fever with a rash. 

The clinic can diagnose any age patient, from newborn to geriatric, for signs and symptoms of meningitis as well as run laboratory tests to analyze blood work, such as a high white blood count, which is usually associated with your body fighting infections. We have the preventative vaccines that can be given in a four dosage



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