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Doctors Urgent Care Monoclonal Antibodies IV Therapy for COVID-19


This is the much-sought after treatment therapy for COVID-19 that previously, could only be given by Hospitals and the ER. The Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals and the Louisiana Department of Pharmaceuticals has given Doctors Urgent Care the usage of this potentially life-saving therapy. We are the second clinic in the state that has authorization to use this per guidelines, and at the discretion of our medical providers. But if you're sick, and your next stop could be the ER...this can help turn the tide. 

Private Pay Administration for the IV Therapy is $325. We know that people are struggling financially right now and want to be transparent and honest about the cost involved. This is not a $100K price tag as stated in the news for high-profile individuals. This is priced to be affordable to everyone in our community that needs it. We are here for you, when you need us most. 

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When the ER is not the answer...

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